It is a pleasure to invite you to participate in the V Multidisciplinary Congress of Applied Sciences in Latin America (COMCAPLA 2020) that will take place in the city of San Jose, capital city of Costa Rica, from October 6 to 9, 2020.

The conference venue will be the: Costa Rica University, UCR.

It is aimed at engineers, scientists, technologists, professionals, professors and students-researchers from different countries and branches of knowledge who, applying science’s methods or modern techniques and methods in engineering, seek to solve the problems concerning our reality, the current state of science and technology, our daily teaching work and our social environment, performing their work in academics, industry or the laboratory; individually or in collaboration with colleagues and students.


Le informamos que, debido a la emergencia sanitaria mundial por el COVID-19, este Comité Organizador de COMCAPLA 2020 ha decidido extender el plazo para la recepción de trabajos al 18 de mayo de 2020. Asimismo, ha decidido incluir como forma de participación en el congreso, presentaciones tipo Video-Conferencias, debido a las restricciones para viajar que puedan presentar algunos países, a la fecha de la realización del evento.


Los trabajos enviados al congreso serán revisados por pares.

Todas las contribuciones aceptadas serán publicadas en Proceedings de la Conferencia COMCAPLA 2020, que cuenta con ISBN.

Trabajos seleccionados, cuya temática sea afín a la revista Journal of Bioengineering and Biomedicine Research,, 04-2016-041313084800-203, ISSN: 2594-052X, podrán ser publicados en la misma.

Todos los trabajos, en una versión extendida, podrán ser publicados en la Revista Ciencia y Tecnología de la Facultad de Ciencias de la Universidad de Costa Rica

Revista de Ciencia y Tecnología
ISSN Impreso: 0378-052X
ISSN electrónico: 2215-5708

The University of Costa Rica is the main research generating institution in the country and in Central America. The UCR makes its most significant contribution to the development of the country in resource training, generation and knowledge transfer for problem solving, innovation and entrepreneurship. Costa Rica is one of the countries with more biodiversity in the world, it contains about 5% of the world's species. The lush natural wild environment can be experienced throughout the country and is easily accessible to the curious visitor. Costa Rica is a safe paradise. Unlike other countries, Costa Rica enjoys a very stable political climate and economic development, to visitors in a quiet environment for its statistics. It offers dreamlike landscapes, friendly people willing to share their culture and a safe country to experience natural wonders.

The goal of COMCAPLA 2020 is to provide an academic platform where recent advances, techniques and novel applications in the fields of engineering, chemistry, computing, mathematics, physics, among others, are discussed; fostering the establishment collaborative networks and expanding the spectrum of science applications to problems that affect our countries, through the concurrence of specialists from various branches of knowledge that hardly meet in the same forum.


The Organizing Committee of the V Multidisciplinary Congress of Applied Sciences in Latin America, COMCAPLA 2020 invites the authors to send their full paper to the conference before May 18, 2020 at 23:59, local time (there will not be previous submission of abstracts), sending articles or posters that illustrate the results of their research, projects or panoramic works that describe important advances in the areas of Engineering and Applied Sciences. The works must be original and not previously published. All accepted papers will be published into COMCAPLA 2020 Conference Proceedings, publication with ISBN of the National Autonomous University of Mexico.

Subjects of interest

  • Chemistry
  • Biochemistry
  • Natural resources management
  • Renewable and non-renewable energies
  • Ecology
  • Oceanography, coastal processes and coastal engineering.
  • Energy
  • Environmental sciences
  • Earth sciences
  • Meteorology
  • Materials
  • Materiales
  • Life sciences
  • Electronic engineering
  • Civil engineering
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Mathematics
  • Applied mathematics
  • Control and optimization
  • Physics
  • Photoacoustics
  • Physical engineering
  • Biophysics
  • Medical physics
  • Education
  • Biomedics
  • Biotechnology
  • Robotics
  • Nanotechnology
  • Information technology
  • Computer systems

Important dates

May 18

Deadline for extended paper submission

Via form

Jun 8

Acceptance notification

After review.

Vía email

Oct 6-9

COMCAPLA congress days

9:00 am - 17:00 pm



Alejandro Armando Hossian

Dr. Ing. Alejandro Armando Hossian

Universidad Tecnológica Nacional. Facultad Regional Neuquen, Argentina.

Conferencia: El desarrollo de las tecnologías inteligentes en el contexto del proceso de robotización en América Latina y El Caribe. Un análisis en prospectiva con la formación de recursos humanos.

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Mavis Lili

Dra. Mavis Lili Montero Villalobos.

Facultad de Química. Universidad de Costa Rica.

Javier Trejos Zelaya

Dr. Javier Trejos Zelaya

Facultad de Ciencias. Universidad de Costa Rica.

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